Wicked Huge Mushroom

Well, it rained on my parade this weekend. Literally.

I really had plans to be at an actual parade today.

And yesterday, the plan was to hit my final agricultural fair of the season.

But, as I said, it rained.

But one neat thing comes from any heavy rain this time of year — wicked huge mushrooms.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the nicest lawn on the block or the worst, this afternoon, you’re going to have a few mushrooms in the lawn.

If you’re really lucky, you may even have a few pennies

So, while my photo this week may not be as exciting as I’d originally hoped, I hope you appreciate this photo of the biggest mushroom in my backyard.

It just felt like something I should share.

And now, staring at it on my monitor, I’m really tempted to go back outside, take a running start, and kick it…


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1 1239

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