Okay, so there’s some tumbleweed tumbling around here lately.

And a whole boatload of spam comments regarding expensive sneakers, weight loss drugs, and forex schemes. I’ll clean it all up when I get a chance…

First, though, I need to get everyone still stopping by up to speed on what’s happened to my finances.

See, I lost my focus, my motivation, my direction, and as a result, a lot of my financial comfort.

No, I’m not in dire straits. Far from it, but I’m also a long way off from where I’d like to be.

Where I should be.

Where I could have been, you know, had I not stopped holding myself accountable here.

I do still track my finances.

I still check my balances multiple times per day. And, yes, I’m still paying my bills on time.

I’m just not moving towards any kind of goal… like a $1 million net worth (long since abandoned), zero credit card debt, or that 3-car garage we’d like.

So, here we go, starting over in a way…

Here’s the bad news…and what needs to be corrected in a hurry.

  • I’m currently carrying in excess of $6k in credit card debt. Debt that I’m paying finance charges on — that hasn’t happened to me in YEARS?!
  • I have a big auto loan balance. Again, not really anything unusual in the grand scheme of things but we’d grown accustomed to owning our cars outright. Prior to the past couple months, I’d forgotten what it was like to have a car payment and, I’ll tell ya, it’s really crampin’ my stlye.
  • My savings account has been tapped out so there isn’t any kind of back-up reserve. Much of that is due to the fact that I just paid my property taxes this week but… well, it’s troubling me to not having *any* emergency money when it’s just always been there for the past few years.

So, I’m not going to tiptoe around how I got here — I spent a lot of money and depleted my reserves. Pretty obvious.

Thankfully I’m not in a hole I can’t dig out of. Not even close.

But I do need to get back on track so… wish me luck!


  1. I was wondering just the other day if you had decided to discard your blog. We’re in the same boat, have been increasingly apathetic towards our finances over the past three to four months, perhaps longer. Sure, money still comes in, but it’s all to easy to throw caution to the wind when spending it. Auto drafts for 529 and retirement are about the only saving grace. Otherwise revolving debt has been on a steady climb, mostly due to crap we don’t need along with a DIY remodel that started shortly before Memorial Day and has become the true epitome of scope creep. No budget, no plan, just keep adding junk, changing fixtures, doors, etc. Time to buckle down, before it’s too late and Murphy catches up with us.

  2. Finally! Welcome back!

    I have $6500 on my CC , but at 0% until next May (only way I will do it!). We are redoing our laundry room, so that is most of it. I also bought a car, so big payment there. However, I have upped retirement contributions & cut back a lot on misc spending. I have an early retirement goal in my sights, do that helps. It is just hard to maintain enthusiasm.

    Do not move. It is super expensive & you have an adorable house already!

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