Prank Calls: A Lost Art

Prank Calls: A Lost Art

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Of course, we always used a phone with a cord — but that face explains it all!So, this morning in the shower I was remembering back in the 1980’s when crank calling was still considered “innocent” fun. All the cool kids were doing it.

I’d imagine it’s a lot harder to do now with everyone having some sort of Caller ID service these days — and quite honestly, you’d probably be labeled as a terrorist and end up detained in some secret foreign prison for committing such a crime.

Not being “daring” enough, I never actually made a crank call. Actually, I just wasn’t mean enough and we *never* made a call from my house, but I do remember ‘our’ script.

I don’t remember if we made it up (My friend Brian would get credit), or he heard it somewhere, but it generally went like this:

“Um. Hi. Your dog is in my back yard.”
“Excuse me?”
“Yes, your dog is in my back yard.”
“We don’t have a dog.”
“I don’t have a back yard!”

Some real high brow humor there.

Still, to this day, or maybe *just* today, it cracks me up.

I remember in the instance that the person did have a dog — we never had an alternate ending prepared. We still said, “I don’t have a backyard,” which is so ridiculous in hindsight, it almost makes it funnier. Am I alone in the room?

Anyway, I think it’s sad that this specific form of youth mischief has disappeared from society. Think of how huge it could be with all of these little kids sporting their own cell phones these days!

But nowadays, I guess kids get their kicks by spray painting swastikas on random cars. My, how far society has come… or fallen.

I miss the days of the innocent prank call.