Accident Update

Accident Update

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This badge supposedly adds $10k to the price of any car that wears it.  My car has this logo stamped in 9 different places. Can you say overkill?I called the folks at the autobody shop this morning about how the car repairs were going and when it might be ready to be picked up. Next Friday (June 15th) is the tentative date — so the accident will have essentially taken the car off the road for a month.

That’s about what I had expected.

Apparently we tore a hole in the floor of the car which still needs to be stitched up, but the body work is done and the car had a primer coat put on yesterday. I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

And then driving it to see if it feels the same. You hear so many horror stories from people claiming that their cars never drove the same after an accident. I’d like to experience that firsthand and then make my own judgement.

Also, from the Allstate side of things, I still haven’t had to pay my deductible. I’m not sure why, I’m not even sure how that’s supposed to work. In the mail, I’ve received a couple of things from them basically confirming that a claim was indeed filed and that a check was issued — but no “bill”.

Not sure if this is the norm, but I’ve got $500 ready and off to the side for when the time comes.