Gift Card Overflow

Gift Card Overflow

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Can I get some fries with that?Over the years, my wife and I have often received gift cards to area restaurants. Most of them are for borderline fancy places too.

Just this week we received another $100 card.

Problem is, I’m a bit of a picky eater. Okay, that’s a stretch.

Put it this way, if french fries aren’t an option on the menu and refills aren’t free, chances are, I’m not going to like it.

I like to think that it’s my frugal taste shining through. Others may think it’s just that I have no taste.

The issue at hand now is that we’ve collected well in excess of $500 worth of these cards. All essentially useless to us. That’s frustrating.

Of course, we could re-gift them, but deep down, I have a fear that a $100 gift card from two years ago may have expired, wrong as that may be on the part of the restaurant.

My wife researched the various websites that allow you to trade gift cards this week, but it seems a little troublesome. It would be very difficult to find a trade partner (since many of the restaurants are regional at best), and in auctioning one off, well, we probably wouldn’t get even half the value and again, I’d be worried that I may have just sold an expired card to someone.

So what are our options? I’m thinking a few nights out at expensive restaurants where we can order to our hearts’ content to celebrate our newly open schedule.

It’s just a shame that I probably won’t enjoy any of the food.

And the refills probably won’t be free either.