Mmm… Credit Crunch…

Mmm… Credit Crunch…

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Mmm… Credit Crunch Bar!With all of the persistent news lately about how it will be harder and harder to borrow money, I’ve been really content with the fact that I’m well on my way to being out of debt and never really “borrowing” again.

But the deals from the various credit card companies that I hold accounts with have been getting sweeter and sweeter by the week.

Wait, I thought it was supposed to be harder to borrow money now? But the fed cut rates, so money should actually be cheaper to borrow, right?


I’m not going to try to figure it out — I don’t really care.

But with teaser rates of 0% through December 2008 already arriving in my mailbox, well, it makes my mouth water.

But then I look at my little chart and realize I’ll be debt free by then anyway and into the trash they go…


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