Thoughts on a Joint Account

Thoughts on a Joint Account

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Joint Account?Recently my wife has been expressing interest in paying some of the bills.

But I’m reluctant to change my ways as I’ve been paying all of the bills from my checking account, while keeping detailed track of everything, for over a decade now.

It’s not so much that it’s a habit, it’s just that I’ve grown accustomed to the consistency of the numbers.

If a bill slips by, or arrives late, I’m going to notice. It throws things off.

I hate it when a second mortgage bill clears before my checking account statement comes. Makes it look like I spent too much one month, and not enough the next, you know what I mean?

While we’ve been married for over a year now, and together for nearly 6 years, we each have our own separate checking accounts.

The benefit, from my perspective, is that we both have our own money to do with as we please — within reason. Without this set-up, there’s no way my wife would have been able to surprise me with a Wii this past Christmas.

The downside is that, I’m sure, with our combined incomes, we could really speed up our current savings rates.

But for now, I’m content with continuing on as we have been!


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