Net Worth Update: March 2008

Net Worth Update: March 2008

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March 2008: Net Worth Update

Well, not much to report for February…

It was neither a good month or a bad month with less than a 1% increase in total net worth.

And had it not been for my federal tax refund coming in on February 29th, it would have been a down month — my first since July 2007.

The best news is that the credit card balance is on course to be paid off this month and that will free up a lot of cash that can then be directed elsewhere — like the auto loan followed by the mortgage.

I’m nearly 5 months ahead of schedule on my original debt snowball plan and things are definitely picking up speed with each passing month *and* there are no large expenses on the horizon. Always a good thing!

March may shape up to be a down month in the end, but with $0 in credit card debt, it certainly won’t feel like a down month… No doom and gloom here.


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