Hidden Benefit of a Business Card

Hidden Benefit of a Business Card

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Business Credit CardHere’s one of those perks to having a business credit card that isn’t often mentioned.

I have my own business, which is why I have a business card, but I’ve heard that pretty much anyone can apply (and receive) a business credit card.

That doesn’t really make sense to me, but whatever…

Recently, I had to activate a new card because my current one was expiring. I hate this process.

Most times, they want you to call from your home phone. You have to go through a huge automated menu, entering your account number, social security number, phone number, favorite number, favorite prime number, favorite odd number that isn’t prime, etc…

Then you wait on hold.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line. A representative will be with you shortly.

And when you finally get a human, they ask you all of the questions over again, then pepper you with offers for things like accidental death insurance like a seasoned telemarketing pro.

It’s horrible.

And I hate it.

You can say “no thanks” fifty times and they’ll still come back with, “Well, how about a subscription to Family Circle?” or “But the 30 day trial is free, there is no obligation to you… Why don’t we just try it out?”


So, last week, I had to make this call on my business card. I was dreading it.

I called the number, punched in all of my info and then sat on hold.

A moderately friendly voice answered the call, asked my name and home zip code followed by:

How can I help you today, Mr. Smurf?

Hi, yes, I’m just looking to activate my new card this morning.

Alright sir, one moment…your card has been activated. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Nope, that was it! Thank you very much!

And that was that.


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