Find IT on eBay

Find IT on eBay

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GAP Worker JeansI buy my pants on eBay.

Contrary to what you might think, they don’t even come in a can. Yep, it’s true.

For years, the jeans I wore weren’t exactly designer, but they weren’t from J.C. Penney either. I’d say I was generally spending around $60-$70 on a pair of jeans.

For the past 5 years or so, I’ve bought my jeans at the GAP. They had one style I really liked — the Worker Jean.

Baggy, but not loose meaning the crotch didn’t hang at the knees.

Not a flair cut, but not an 80’s style taper either. You could still plainly see that I indeed did have feet.

No silly carpenter pockets all over one leg. No hammer loops. No rivets in places that should never have rivets. And no silly back pocket embroidery.

Basically, they were stylish enough and didn’t make me look like I was trying to be a teenager.

On a side note, isn’t it comical when you see a guy in his 40’s or 50’s with camo-cargo shorts down to his ankles and a graphic tee from Hollister on? They’re not fooling anyone… Hey, even I’d look ridiculous in an outfit like that…

I owned 7-8 pairs of those GAP jeans at any given time, or over $400 worth.

But then the supply started to dwindle. A hole here, a hole there. It was time splurge a little and renew the wardrobe.

I went online and saw that the GAP no longer offered this “cut”. Oh no.

Disappointed, I bought the closest thing they had — low rise boot cut — and… well, let’s just say that I haven’t worn that pair very often. They’re not the same.

Enter eBay.

Now, my wife used to do the thrift store thing pretty frequently before I met her and I did my best to curb her of that. Thrift stores just aren’t my thing. I mean, I’m not really fond of wearing other people’s discarded clothes. I realize eBay is the same thing, but eBay lacks the musty smell of a Salvation Army or Goodwill store. You can’t deny that.

For me, that makes all the difference.

Recently, I hit the gold mine when it comes to jeans. An eBay seller was offering SIX PAIRS in my size, in my cut, and all in one listing.

Generally when my size comes up on eBay, the pants get a few bids and sell for around $15-$20. Add another $5, or so, for shipping. Still a pretty good deal considering when new, they run around $70. (And from the looks of the pictures, the jeans are as ‘new’ as my low rise boot cuts.)

Since this auction was in a lot of 6 (dumb move on the seller’s part), there wasn’t much competition. There was only one other bidder, and a newbie at that.

Needless to say, I won six pairs of jeans for $32. It’s like an 85%-off sale. That’s less than $6 per pair!

Best of all, they accepted PayPal, so I didn’t even have to use the credit card (which I most certainly would have had I been at the mall.)

That’s a deal you can’t argue with.


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