Benefit to Losing an eBay Auction

Benefit to Losing an eBay Auction

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Game worn Bill Guerin San Jose Sharks jersey β€” not the actual jersey I was bidding on…So Wednesday night, I ventured onto eBay again, except this time I wasn’t looking for a good deal

Finding myself with a bit extra in my checking account and without any credit card bills in sight (woo-hoo!), I took a big step backwards and went hunting for game worn hockey jerseys. My vice.

I had one in my sights. Thankfully it wasn’t a really high priced one, but still one that would fit nicely into my collection. I set-up a last second sniper bid and went to bed confidently thinking it would be mine in the morning.

I lost.

It doesn’t happen very often, I have to admit, but I was outbid.

The strange thing is that there wasn’t that feeling of disappointment when I saw the email letting me know that I had been outbid — an obvious sign that I didn’t really want the item in the first place.

But throughout the day yesterday, it had me thinking, I was totally prepared to PayPal out a few hundred dollars the night before.

Since I lost, I still had that money in my checking account…

You know what I did?

I sent it to the mortgage company instead.

That should teach me not to lose any more auctions. ;0)

Or perhaps I’m just turning over a new leaf.



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