Dumb Purchases of the Past

Dumb Purchases of the Past

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Adobe InDesign CS2Following the six hundred dollar Canon Fisheye purchase in January of 2007, another complete lapse of financial responsibility occurred a few weeks later.

My dumb purchase for February of 2007 was Adobe InDesign CS2 — the successor to Adobe PageMaker, a desktop publishing application. You want to make slick looking PDF files? InDesign is the program to use.

I foolishly purchased it for a website design project that I had already completed (and been paid in full for). The client came back and asked that I turn my design into a hardcopy format — not really understanding that a booklet/brochure and an animated dynamic website were two totally different mediums… As if the animation wasn’t a dead giveaway…

I agreed to do it — without additional payment as they seemed to think that was part of the original proposal (and I didn’t call them on it) — but first I needed the software…

To my credit, I didn’t pay the full price…which happened to be $699 at the time.

I knew I wasn’t going to use this software very much, hardcopy is *not* my specialty, so I went looking for a legitimate copy of it on eBay. In the past, I’ve had pretty decent luck purchasing software there. To date, nothing totally bootleg has come my way.

In the end, my copy of Adobe InDesign CS2 set me back $300.

Since finishing up that project, I’d say I’ve used the program maybe 5 times. Sure, it’s come in handy in a pinch, but certainly not anywhere near $300 worth of handiness.


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