Paid the Mortgage… Not Stimulated.

Paid the Mortgage… Not Stimulated.

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Countrywide Home LoansSo this morning I wrote and mailed the check for June’s mortgage payment.

Sure, it’s a little early but had it not been for the Tax Stimulus check coming in last week, I wouldn’t have been able to write that check just yet.

I’m not sure I feel stimulated by the experience.

Actually, I’m not feeling any stimulation. And I think that will be the case for most who receive these paybacks.

Though one could argue that by sending my entire stimulus check to Countrywide (a company on the brink of bankruptcy), I am doing my part to “save” the economy from a recession…

I guess?

Anyway, I still have my original plans for the payout on my mind, it’s just that, now, I’m gonna use the next coming paycheck to fund the frivolous spending…

That is, if the plumber doesn’t ‘up’ the bill significantly…


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