Back to the Grind…

Back to the Grind…

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NHL Credit CardNow that the 3-day holiday weekend is behind us, it’s time to get back down to business.

I rolled into work early this morning, completely forgetting that I’d tied up every loose end before I left the office on Friday. Yeah, I’m that type of person.

No one else is in, so I’ve had a little time to myself. Know what I did?

Well, in true PF blogging fashion, I paid off my credit card balance. Again.

Yep, the one I used to finance my $1k spending spree about a week ago.

So, along the lines of my original debt payoff post ( a couple of months ago already?!):

The tickets are paid for. The Garmin Nuvi is paid for. The new computer is paid for. The plumbing project is paid for. Even those silly cocktail croissants are paid for! (Can you say impulse buy?)

I was a little worried when the balance totaled up to $1159.57 at the end of last week but right here at the tail end of the month, the credit card balance is back to zero. That feels pretty good — but I’m not about to make a habit of charging that much each month.

Sadly, though, with vacation on the horizon, June’s high mark will probably be far more than I can dig out of quickly with a couple of double-clicks right at the buzzer before the statement comes out…


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