Hit and Run

Hit and Run

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Nope, not talking about baseball today… Especially less than 24 hours since the Stanley Cup was awarded. Hello?

Today’s post asks “Has society really gone this far?

Apparently, it has.

Take a look at the video below. It’s from a, um, car accident a few days ago in the city of Hartford, Connecticut.

I’ll warn you — it’s a little graphic.

Now, an elderly man tumbling through the air is pretty disturbing on its own, but the fact that no one who saw the whole thing did anything, to me, is far more troubling.

According to the Chief of Police, Daryl Roberts, a 911 call apparently wasn’t even made.

In an unusual display of public anger, Hartford’s police chief Wednesday gave vent to his feelings about the recent violence afflicting his city and the lack of decency among residents.

“They hit a man, drive away and people walk by like nothing happened,” Roberts said. “It’s incredible how people could be so inhumane.”

Roberts said he still isn’t sure that anyone called 911. A patrol car heading east on Park Street came upon Angel Arce Torres as the officer was responding to another call.

Bryant Hayre, 37, of Hartford, had bought a pack of cigarettes Friday at Danny’s Grocery at 33 Park St. and then walked over to the accident scene.

“Whoever did this should be sent away for a long time,” Hayre said Wednesday. “It was as if he was a dog left in the street to die.”

Hayre said he didn’t try to help Torres because “people could see that he was conscious.”

“I’m not skilled enough when it comes to blood flowing or I would have helped him,” Hayre said.

Other bystanders speculated that people were afraid to get involved because they thought Torres had been shot or don’t feel comfortable talking to police.

“Everybody knew him, but nobody helped,” said Anthony Jenkins, 45, of 87 Park St. “I guess everybody is different. Some people are just out for themselves.”

I’ll admit, I won’t stop for a little fender bender or when I see someone back into another car in a parking lot — cars don’t bleed.

But something like this?! I can’t imagine just swerving around it.  Come on…

“Hey, look! Bleeding body in the road…”

Being one of the bystanders (hustlers?) loitering on the street corner , I dunno, I still think I would have gone out onto the road and stopped traffic. 


Hey, at least no one tried to take his wallet, right? It’s terrible that I even have to say that.

It’s sad. Actually, it kind of makes me angry. I can’t help but think of our own accident on the highway last year.  It hardly compares to this, but not one car stopped. Not one.

In the end, the man, 78 year old Angel Torres is expected to survive. That’s good news.

The bad news is that he’s paralyzed.

That’s really sad.

You could tell he was in great shape for his age as he made his way across the street and now, well, he’ll spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

He even looked both ways!? I mean, come on…

When was the last time you saw someone under the age of twenty look both ways before crossing the street? Apparently that isn’t common knowledge anymore.

Hell, in my neighborhood the squirrels even look both ways?! The kids, well, they don’t.

But this poor guy did everything right and the two thugs that are responsible will likely get away with it and laugh about it for the rest of their lives…

And even if they do get caught, the punishment will likely only result in a traffic citation and a 48-hour license suspension.

Yeah, that’s justice.  Whatever…


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