Happy 401k Friday!

Happy 401k Friday!

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401k Nest EggCertainly can’t complain about the markets’ performance yesterday. My 401k balance went up $1078.72! Woo-hoo!

That is the second most on record for a single day not including days when a monthly contribution was applied.

It still wasn’t enough for me to reach a new all-time high — $68283.84 back on May 19 — but it’s put me back within striking distance.

As of this morning, the balance sits at $68173.03 — which is up nearly $5k since the start of the year.

That feels pretty nice considering this is a sum growing on its own from money that I never even see.

At the same time, when I do the actual math (adding up my contributions so far this year), I realize that technically I’m almost throwing money away.

At best, I’m breaking even — it’s close, but as long as the balance continues to increase, I’m not going to let it bother me.

Hey, if the balance is still rising at a pace of $10k per year in a down market, well, I consider that a pretty good thing.

I like to think, for 2008, that I’m stock piling when things are on sale… And I really look forward to the recovery because I think this strategy will pay off *very* handsomely…


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