Sun Comes Out, School Dismissed. What?

Sun Comes Out, School Dismissed. What?

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School BusAll of the local schools dismissed early today. Yeah, it was weather related… but this was no snow day.

Nope, tornado sirens aren’t wailing either…

They sent the kids home early because, if you can believe it, it’s too hot outside.


I’m not that old and it wasn’t really that long ago that I would have been sitting in a classroom at this precise moment. My senior year of high school, it would have been Physics at this hour.

I can’t even begin to imagine getting to go home early because it’s a little hot outside.

In fact, looking all the way back to elementary school, they never even kept us inside for an “indoor” recess unless it was raining outside. It’s hardly raining outside today. Not a cloud in the sky.

It’s ridiculous.

Making matters worse, it’s supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Does that mean they’ll get the whole day off?

And (gasp!) last time I checked, school buses didn’t come with air conditioning as standard equipment. How will the kids cope?

Hey, at least the buses drop them all off individually at their front stoop now. Can’t expect them to walk more than 10 meters in this heat, you know…

I’ve come to the conclusion that those born after 1990 are growing up to be a bunch of sissies. Perhaps they’re not *all* sissies, but they’ve certainly been conditioned to think that being a sissy is perfectly acceptable.

If you’re not comfortable, it’s okay, you don’t need to perform.

Give me a break…

I mean, really, if it’s not a climate controlled 68 degrees at all times, they just throw in the towel and get to go home? Is that how it is?

Well, apparently nowadays in America, it is.


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