Internet Explorer Error: Operation Aborted

Internet Explorer Error: Operation Aborted

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Seeing a lot of this lately?

Operation Aborted Error

Well, I’ve been getting it for the last 18 hours on seemingly every other site I visit.

When you click ‘OK’, you’re taken to the ever popular “Internet Explorer cannot display the web page”.

Hmmmm… Server must be down or something. Maybe it’s my connection? I’ll give it a few minutes.

Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… Same problem.

Eh, let’s try it in FireFox and see what happens…

Will you look at that? It works just fine!

I’ve been a fan of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for, well, since they wiped Netscape Navigator from the face of the internet. But of late, it seems as though Firefox is the more reliable browser…

This is the third time in a little over a month I’ve found something to display just fine in Firefox, but horribly wrong or not at all in Internet Explorer. This latest problem, I can’t even get pages to load in IE?!

I’m considering making the switch to Firefox myself (even though deep down I hate it with a passion).

To IE’s credit, apparently the “operation” messing up so many websites this week has something to do with SiteMeter, a popular site tracking applet that many people install on their sites — so it could actually be their fault.

Either way, shame on them for not testing their update on IE — still by far the most popular browser.

But, perhaps, they’re trying to get more people to move to Firefox.


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