Yet Another Automatic Insurance Payment for Coverage I Don’t Need

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    Add another $85.15 to the amount I’ve needlessly paid for Private Mortgage Insurance.

    Another round of PMI…

    Yep, as I predicted last month when I first reached the threshold required to request PMI cancellation, Countrywide really is going to squeeze every last penny out of me.

    Total, that I feel has been stolen from me, is now $170.30.

    Do you know what an additional $85.15 per month towards principle instead insurance I don’t need anymore would have gotten me?

    According to Countrywide’s very own ‘Amortization Schedule Calculator’, a monthly payment in that amount ($85.15) would save me almost $17k in interest and knock over 7 years off of my mortgage. That’s a big deal.

    I’m not planning on letting them “steal” $17k from me.

    Tomorrow, with another $1500 being applied towards the principle, I’ll make my third attempt at getting them to drop it once and for all.

    At this point, now that I will have exceeded the federal auto cancellation mark, I can’t imagine they’ll turn me down.

    Actually, I take that back… I can imagine that.

    I almost expect it.

    Any one wanna bet they hit me up for $85.15 in September too?



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