Save Over $900 by Switching Cell Phone Plans

Save Over $900 by Switching Cell Phone Plans

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Put the Phone Down!!!If you have a cell phone, and you’re not the type to have it surgically implanted to the side of your head, chances are, you’re paying too much.

I’ve been with Virgin Wireless for just over a year now. The service has yet to fail me and I’ve covered a lot of ground over the past few months. Who needs “the network”, right?

The best feature though has been that, over the entire year, my cell phone bill has been $84.80.


Some out there, I’m sure, pay that much for just one month of service. For me, it’s a year. Think about the savings.

A thousand dollars? Or eighty-four bucks? Hmmmmm…

I know which route I’d take.

Actually, I already took it.

And look what happened to my consumer debt as a result…


I think not.

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