Enjoy the Silence… on a Plane?

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    Delta AirplaneSo we flew down to Florida on Friday morning. Not really much to report about the flight, but the one thing that I did notice, likely due to the price of oil (which oddly enough is really low right now), was that the plane was really full.

    Better yet, before take off, our plane didn’t need to wait in any sort of line. We even took off on time!

    And further, we landed 10 minutes early!

    Hmmmm… Maybe the FAA will figure out that taking a bunch of planes out of the sky improves the entire system?

    The one other thing I wanted to mention was the background music on the plane. Yes, background music piped in through the plane’s speakers.

    I don’t ever recall background music on a plane, though, I must admit that I don’t fly much.

    It was only playing when we were on the ground and it was only a loop of two songs.

    Both had a very smooth jazzy sound with a female vocalist. Light stuff, really, until you listened to the lyrics…

    It was Depeche Mode and New Order…

    “Enjoy the Silence” and “Blue Monday”, respectively…

    Yeah, two new wave euro-techno synthesizer bands from the 1980’s.

    I don’t know, from being covered semi-recently by a band named “Orgy” to being the “elevator” music on an airplane…

    Wow… Never saw that coming…


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