Awesome! My 401k is Down Over Twenty Percent this Month!

Awesome! My 401k is Down Over Twenty Percent this Month!

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I Love my 401k!It’s like I said a few months ago, regarding my falling home value at the time… It doesn’t bother me much. I don’t feel as if I’ve “lost” anything because, really, I haven’t lost anything.

It was money that I never… actually… had.

My 401k has never helped me pay a bill. Not once.

It’s just a number on paper, err, I mean a monitor.

In fact, as I have for months on end lately, I feel like I’m 100% on the right track and it’s starting to show.

Sure, right now, my net worth is officially $1000 less than it was on January 1st. That sounds like terrible news.

But really, it’s not.

My assets, unfortunately, happen to be down $26k since the start of the year

My liabilities, though, are down over $25k since since then too. That makes for a net loss of the previously mentioned $1k.

Doesn’t seem like much to get excited about, huh?

But here’s the thing — I haven’t sold a single asset to pay down a liability.

Not one.

I still have everything (material) that I had at the start of the year — the only “real” difference is that my debt load has decreased by 25 grand.

It’s tough not to call that progress…


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