Photo of the Week: Who doesn’t like a good hockey fight?

Photo of the Week: Who doesn’t like a good hockey fight?

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Hockey Fight

I took in my first pro game of the season as a member of the media this week, making my return to the type of photography that I’m good at and snapped this shot – one of my favorites of the night.

It’s kinda sad that Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, has been trying to outlaw fighting during his tenure.

True, in a civilized society, it’s ludicrous for two grown men to beat the snot out of one another over an essentially meaningless game, but it’s one of the few things that can still get the crowd on their feet. And isn’t that the point of professional sports?

What most people don’t realize, hockey fans included, is that it’s very rare for a player to get hurt during a fight — it really is all for show.

Not like WWE wrestling — hockey fights aren’t fake, but they’re not really trying to seriously hurt one another either — though it may look like that…

In fact, considering it’s a game where a rock hard piece of rubber flies around over 100mph, players run into walls at 30 mph, fighting is part of the game, all of the players carry long sticks, and don’t forget that everyone out on the ice has knives strapped to their feet, well, it’s pretty shocking that a tame game like baseball has more injuries.

Hard to believe… Must be a side effect of all of the steroids in baseball…

Anyway, at the conclusion of this specific fight — neither player went down, so technically nobody won — they essentially shook hands and thanked one another for the opportunity as they were escorted to the penalty box.

Yes, they exchanged pleasantries. After a fight.

Must be a Canadian thing…