Net Worth Update: November 2008 (-$12598)

Net Worth Update: November 2008 (-$12598)

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November 2008 Net WorthSo…did anyone with money in the markets have a positive month?

I’m sure they’re far and few between… But it’s not all bad news on the PIAC front…

I’m not quite where I want to be yet, but considering we took a vacation, I bought hockey season tickets, and I broke the self-imposed moratorium on my hockey jersey collection this month, all of which were relatively expensive and out of the ordinary, I still think October 2008 was another great month for me financially.

Plain and simple, my debts continue to fall.

So, without further delay, here’s this month’s update:

Lower than I’d like, but still within my $1k – $2k target zone. Next paycheck arrives in 5 days, so it won’t be this low for long.

No surprise, this is where I made my biggest move in October and it’s where I expect most of my big moves in the future will be.

Gov’t Bonds:
These lousy things are earning over 6% right now. That’s awesome!

Ummm… yeah. Let’s just say that if it weren’t for the rebound over the past week, this would have been a lot worse. I’ve never gone down so much so fast, but whatever

Still falling in value, but nothing too crazy.

Auto 1 & Auto 2:
Nothing really to report. Just the usual swing of things in progress…

Credit Cards
Three more weeks and it’s gone. I’m actually kinda proud of myself for sticking to the original plan and not paying this off early. It was, after all, a zero percent offer…

Auto Loan:
Nothing to report. And that’s a great thing!

Other Loans:
Nothing to report.

I’m still making extra payments, but not very large ones. I’m really seriously considering re-financing just to get rid of PMI. And, well, Countrywide too…


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