Photo of the Week: Fall Leaves

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    Fall Leaves

    If you happen to be a homeowner in the New England, this is easily the worst time of year when it comes to yard work.

    It’s unending. I mean, really, where do they all come from?

    You can blow and rake your yard clear one afternoon and the next morning it’s as if you haven’t done anything at all.

    That’s where I am right now.

    Now it was just a few months ago that I mentioned that we would never be doing the leaves ourselves, I realize that, and it’s still true.

    I am going to hire out a landscaping company to come and take them away — but I’m still going to get them all in to one big HUGE pile that they can vacuum up in a hurry…

    See, they charge per person, per hour…

    Sure, it will still cost me some coin, but it’ll cost me a lot less than if I’d just left the leaves as they fell…


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