Photo of the Week: Invaluable Advice

Photo of the Week: Invaluable Advice

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Remember when you were younger and had a coach, teacher, or mentor that you took every word in as if it were, well, the golden truth?

Great advice all around?

For me, I’d say that sort of thing lasted until sixth grade or so… It was around then that I’d pretty much figured out that the people doing most of the talking were the ones that were usually nothing more than hot air…

An old English teacher immediately comes to mind…

A great example in today’s world is Chris Matthews. Or Rush Limbaugh. Pick your poison…

When I originally shot this photo I thought I’d captured a great shot — you know, a timeless photo that captured an old timer passing his vast life long knowledge on to the next-next generation.

Then I noticed the kid’s face.

Yeah, he’s not buying it.

If I were to ever speak, in person, to Jim Cramer, well, that’s exactly what my face would look like.

Probably not outwardly, I mean, I like to think that I’m able to hide my skepticism a little better…

But I might wear the helmet.


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