November… The Spendthrift Month.

November… The Spendthrift Month.

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Though the electric and natural gas bills were both up over 30% this month (it’s starting to get a little chilly and I’m not one to put off turning on the heat), this month is shaping up to be our most spend-thrift month all year — by far.

No contest.

It’s not even close.

Even with the expected unexpected additional expenses that I moaned and groaned about earlier this week, it’s looking like it’s a sure thing. My total expenses for the entire month will be just shy of $2500.

To see that number, it still seems like a lot. I mean, if I didn’t keep track of everything the way I do and I were to guess what our typical monthly expenses add up to, I’d guess lower than that.

Monthly ExpensesA lot lower than that.

But the fact is, as the chart indicates, a “normal” month for me, more often than not, eclipses $4000.

That’s more than my two monthly paychecks bring in?! That’s INSANE!?

It’s no wonder that I was in a hole…

But now that that little thing called debt repayment is gone from my ledger, my expenses have correspondingly dropped considerably. No more 4-figure transfers to VISA and MasterCard for me.

The trouble now is that I’m not finding that I have the funds available to make 4-figure transfers to my savings account

Hmmmm… maybe I shouldn’t have dropped all of those side business clients so soon…

No matter, the fact that my expenses are down so much, things can only get better from here…

I’d bet that December will be even cheaper than this month…

(Oh, and before anyone points out that we’re less than half way through the month of November, I’m aware of that, but all of the bills are paid already…)


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