Time to Try Timing the Market?

Time to Try Timing the Market?

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Jim CramerI’m no expert, but a few months ago when Jim Cramer predicted that the DJIA would fall to 8000, I told myself that I’d buy in if it ever closed under that number.

Of course, back then, the Dow was cruising along nicely at the 12000 mark and I thought that he was either high or just an idiot — an entertaining one.

Well, going out on a limb (a tiny one), I’m expecting his prediction to finally happen this week…

So am I buying in?

Reconsidering that Roth IRA idea I was throwing around?

I’ve got the funds available to max out a Roth for the year, and then throw some extra towards some ridiculously diverse mutual fund or something…

But, no… I’m not going to do it.

See, I want to buy in, I really do. I have no doubt that, years down the road, I’d see this as a really wise investment — one of my few really bright financial manoeuvres.

But right now, my primary goals are short term and, right this minute, I’m not willing to sacrifice them in favor of a long term goal.

Dumb move? Maybe…

But have you seen my entry room?


That place is *still* a wreck…


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