Bad Info and/or Lack of Info Online

Bad Info and/or Lack of Info Online

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In regards to my post earlier about Steve & Barry’s — I wish more retailers would post their hours of operation on their websites.

Used to be that nothing was open before noon on a Sunday — if, at all. Now, some stores are open as early at 7:00 am — but you never know because you can never find their hours listed!

Home Depot comes to mind. I know they’re open early, but how early?

Good luck finding that information on their website…

Really, just try.

Here’s the link:

More importantly, I wish retailers would keep their websites more up-to-date.

Had the Steve and Barry’s website not listed the two vacant stores that we visited as “Closing Soon”, we wouldn’t have driven all the way out there.

Close a store –> update the website.

Is that too much to ask?

I’ll answer my own question — if it were my job to update or maintain the website and I’d already been made aware of the fact that the company was going out of business, well, maybe I wouldn’t make the update as promptly as I should.

But at the same time, I wouldn’t do what the guys at Tweeter did to their corporate site when they found out that they were losing their jobs:

Tweeter's Web Site on the last day.

The funny part is that, of all things, they chose to leave the link to the ‘Store Locator’ in place and guess what?

It accurately listed that all of their stores were closed.


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