Accounts Receivable Woes

Accounts Receivable Woes

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On Christmas Eve I received a check for $225 from one of my clients.

It was a welcome check, being Christmas Eve and all, but at the same time, it induced a feeling that, well, let’s just say that it didn’t exactly put me in a “holiday” spirit.

See, the $225 was a payment for an invoice sent at the end of September — the check even said so.

What’s the problem?

The check that I received on Christmas Eve should have been received back in October.

Further, I’ve sent this client an invoice at the end of October for a few hundred dollars. Again, in November too for an additional few hundred. We’re scheduled to submit another invoice next week.

Plain and simple, I was expecting a MUCH larger check.

All together, what they owe is enough for me to be able to reach my 2008 savings goal.

Given the fact that they are perpetually 90 days behind, well, I don’t see it happening.

That’s upsetting.

Most baffling is that they’re a Fortune 500 company. You’d think they’d have their act together, you know, being a grossly successful international company but you’d think wrong.

Qwest Logo -- The company provides a great product, no question, they just can't seem to pay their own bills promptly...I’ll out them, it’s Qwest Communications.

Ever heard of them?

Yep, I’m sure some reading this right now have their internet through Qwest. Or their television cable. Qwest also delivers telephone service to a pretty large chunk of the United States — mostly out west.

And that got me thinking, what would happen if I were perpetually 90 days late paying my internet, cable, or phone bill?

I’d bet I wouldn’t be publishing this post right now…


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