Poor Spending Habits of the Less Fortunate Perplex Me

Poor Spending Habits of the Less Fortunate Perplex Me

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Rent-A-Center LogoNot too far from my house, on the way home actually, the are a number of big old houses just like mine that have been transformed into multifamily homes, usually with 3 or 4 units. Maybe more, it’s tough to tell…

I swear, based on how often people are apparently moving in and out, it’s either some sort of month-to-month rental situation or they’ve chopped the houses up into more apartments than I can imagine. Maybe they’re crack houses — I really don’t know.

But I drive by them every single day and, more often than not, there’s a couch out by the curb. A real eyesore, let me tell you. I’m *so* glad that I don’t live on “that” street. Really.

So for the past few weeks, through all of the snowstorms we’ve endured, pieces of a big sectional couch have been sitting outside one of them.

I’m not sure if the city is coming to pick them up or what (you can request a “bulky” pick up a few times per year), but before the weather took its toll, it looked like it must’ve been a pretty nice couch.

Nicer than mine, anyway… And mine’s pretty nice if I do say so myself…

So today on the way home, there was a big delivery truck in the driveway. How it cleared the sectional still partially in the driveway is a mystery, but one thing is for certain — they were taking delivery of a sweet looking leather couch.

It looked like the couch of my dream living room. It was nice.

Yeah, I was jealous.

Then I took note of what the side of the box truck said.

R-A-C, it said, in big yellow letters.


In my mind, that’s where welfare folks get their furniture.

Perhaps that’s insensitive, and it probably is, but that’s exactly the way I feel about RentTown, Rent-A-Center, and every other similar retailer.

I can’t be certain, I was driving by at a pretty decent clip, but I think this is the couch.

Of course, the website doesn’t list a price, making it (the website) completely useless, but more often than not, I think stuff like this can be had for $25-$30 per week.

Throw in a 52-inch plasma television for another $25 per week, and you can live a life of luxury.

Such a deal!

Really, how do people fall for this? Why is it always the low income folks that fall for this?

It drives me insane knowing that they think they’re well-off all while they’re being ripped off.

But hey, that’s their problem, right?

I’ll just sit here watching the twenty-year-old 13-inch television I used to play Sega on…

It costs me $0 per week.

That’s a deal.


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