Sweet! I Just Got a Raise!

Sweet! I Just Got a Raise!

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Woo-hoo!My paycheck just went up $30.76!

Really, I can’t tell you what I’m going to do…

Actually… Yes I can.

I’m going to spend it.

And, you know, stimulate the economy.

At first I thought it was some sneaky minuscule percentage type raise to coincide with my recent 12-year anniversary at work.

That would be highly unlikely though. In the past, raises have been few and far between. Generous, but certainly not on any sort of schedule.

Then I remembered Obama mentioning something about lowering taxes for pretty much everyone. Wasn’t that a campaign promise? I think so.

Thanks Barry!

Anyway, I just didn’t think it was supposed to start until April at the earliest (or at all, frankly) but it showed up on my paycheck this past Thursday.

They’re taking $30 less from the Federal Income Tax line.

I can see it, right there, in black and white. How about that?

That’ll work out to almost $800 per year!!!

Now I just have to decide how to spend it… and, well, stimulate the economy!


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