PIAC Update

PIAC Update

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Pants in a CanI’ve never been a fan of how some bloggers come on and blab about themselves with all kinds of self-importance, or whatever, as if their readers really care about where they went or what they’re up to but here I go…

Regarding the complete lack of posts this past week… I’ve just been really busy.

It’s that simple.

And my finances have been rather flat over the past week too but, no worries, I should be back to moaning about them before week’s end.

So if you’re one of those out there that’s eagerly anticipating every one of my typed words, yes, all five of you… hang tight.

I kid… No, really, I truly appreciate every reader. I do.

But ya wanna know what’s really peculiar? (and a bit discouraging, actually…)

My traffic has actually increased over this past week…

Go figure?

Maybe I shouldn’t post…


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