Spending Report for May 2009

Spending Report for May 2009

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Keeping a keen eye on the baby while still at the hospital...So last month I curbed my spending all the way down to my self-imposed $2500 ceiling.

This month, I decided to toss that out the window so that I could aggressively attack my mortgage balance without feeling any sort of guilt.

I’m setting the stage for a dismal and embarrassing spending report…

Or am I?

Here’s how I spent my money in May 2009:

  • $1860.00 : Mortgage
  • $254.42 : Business Expenses
  • $208.00 : eBay (yes… another game worn hockey jersey)
  • $109.26 : Cable/Internet
  • $106.62 : Electricity
  • $96.62 : Water/Sewer
  • $84.41 : Natural Gas
  • $69.36 : Gas
  • $48.46 : Phone
  • $40.00 : Cash
  • $10.00 : Car Wash (so the car would look nice when we brought the smurfling home)
  • $2.12 : RedBox Movie Rentals

Total spent was $2889.27.

Over last month, that’s an increase of $389.27.

Not great, but when you consider than before last month’s success, I was consistently spending over $4000 each month, well, it makes me feel pretty good.

Sure, the warmer weather and the related lower utility bills are a big help. (I used my savings there to treat myself on eBay. Bad, I know.)

But if I can continue to throw that much “extra” at the mortgage and still manage to keep my other expenses relatively low, well, things can only look up.


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