Buy NOW and Pay Later?

Buy NOW and Pay Later?

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The guy doing most of the cutting...Sometimes you feel the momentum building up behind you and you just have to go with it.

That’s how having these enormous trees taken out as we speak is making me feel.

There are a bunch of french guys out there working for me and making my house “better” which, in turn, raises my standard of living.

If feels pretty good, you know?

It has me thinking that I should just go all out and get a contractor in here to do up the first floor.

Maybe even get the oil tank out of the basement while they’re at it. And I should get things rolling on that “tear down the garage and build a brand new one” idea I tossed around last year…

Okay, perhaps that’s a little much… I don’t have *that* much momentum…

But I still have that itch to go all out and just get all of these costly renovations just plain out of the way and in the rear view mirror without worrying too much about how to pay for them…

Sure, you could pull any number of scenarios from when I said I’d considered lowering or eliminating my 401k contribution — something I still haven’t done yet.

Doing something drastic there would definitely make things easier to finance.

And Grant, who pops in pretty regularly with well thought out comments, had a great suggestion too. Take an extended break from my crazy mortgage payment schedule and instead save up to do everything I want to do next year.

Sure, it’d push back paying off the mortgage by around a year but it would also give me a much nicer living situation a lot sooner…

And thinking about it…between December of 2007 and July of 2007 while still struggling with my credit card balances, I spent over $40k on home renovations.

Less than a year later, I was debt free.

I can totally do this.

The problem is finding a contractor…


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