Illusions of Wealth

Illusions of Wealth

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I’ve spent a lot of money so far this month.

In some ways, I suppose I feel like I’ve spent more than I actually have just based on the number of things, mostly inexpensive, that I’ve purchased in just the past week.

At the same time, at the start of the month (which feels like the distant past for some reason), I spent tons and tons of money having all of those trees taken down and at that hockey jersey convention that I attended.

But for all of the purchases that I’ve made and all of the huge checks that I’ve written in a relatively short span of time, well, I’m not carrying a single cent worth of debt as a result.

In fact, my net worth has actually risen despite the outpouring from my wallet and checking account.

Is this what it feels like to be rich?

I’d assume so.

Realistically, though, if my spending spree hadn’t come during a month where my investments had gained roughly 10% (so far), well, I think I’d be whistling a different tune.


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