Spending Report for July 2009

Spending Report for July 2009

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That's my smurfling.Okay, okay, okay… Enough of this stalling tactic.

Yep, I spent too darn much last month.

Way too much.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t see it coming…

So, I’m just going to put it all out there…

No reason to even bother sugar coating it:

  • $2915.00 : Tree Service
  • $2170.00 : Mortgage
  • $1669.25 : Hockey Jersey Expo/Vacation
  • $385.18 : Auto Property Taxes
  • $269.34 : Business Expenses
  • $109.26 : Cable/Internet
  • $96.06 : Electricity
  • $87.70 : JC Penney (I bought a pillow-top thing for our mattress because the hotel we stayed in while at the Jersey Expo had one and it was extra comfy.)
  • $60.00 : Cash
  • $78.21 : Phone
  • $50.22 : Gas
  • $44.58 : Natural Gas
  • $27.37 : Lowe’s (Grass Seed)
  • $10.27 : K-Mart (I forgot to pack underpants on vacation so I had to buy a couple pair)

All together, that’s $7972.44.

That’s over three times as much as I spent in April.

I’m not proud of the number but it feels pretty darn good to have spent so much and not be in one single dime of debt as a result. That feels great, actually.

As for the out of control spending? August will be better…


(But only because the daycare bill is coming out of my wife’s account!)