An Overpriced Rubber Spoon and some Beech-Nut

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    Mmmm... mushy food.

    Today we decided, as experienced parents of over four months now, that today was the day that Duncan was going to eat dinner at the table.

    A lot of preparation and money went into this. No — seriously.

    Aside from the food, we had to buy him a chair to sit in and even a spoon to use.

    Total cost — around $160.

    I’ve never even had a $60 meal. I came close once.

    Actually, no, I’ve never come close

    I’m just recalling that one time that I somehow ended up picking up the bill for an ex-girlfriend’s night out with friends to the tune of around $200. The place didn’t even have free refills… Ugh…

    Makes me angry just thinking about it…

    Anyway, going all “Mommy-blog” now; Duncan did just fine.

    He swallowed a few spoonfuls…

    Spit a few back out…

    ..and then he wiped his own face.

    Post-meal clean-up.

    All in all, I’d call it a successful day.


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