Spending Report for March 2010

Spending Report for March 2010

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Spring FlowersDeep breaths…

So just one day into the month of March I joked about how I’d already spent more on that one day than I did for the entire month of February.

It made for a rought start and I can’t say that I every really recovered…

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $2000.00 : Mortgage
  • $907.20 : Auto Insurance
  • $846.16 : Capital One Bank
  • $767.99 : Used Vacuum Cleaner
  • $527.63 : Toyota (auto repairs)
  • $325.00 : Boy Scouts of America
  • $250.00 : Commissioner of Revenue Services
  • $233.54 : Natural Gas
  • $220.00 : Cash
  • $161.86 : Electricity
  • $111.50 : Cable/Internet
  • $105.70 : Business Expenses
  • $92.96 : Gas
  • $69.91 : Phone
  • $52.96 : Toys

That totals $6673.65.

The last time I spent anywhere near that was back in July of 2009 when I paid $2915 to have some trees taken down (cool video of the project here).

We didn’t do any home improvement projects this month, though we surely need to

So, here I go trying to justify the numbers line-by-line anyway…

The mortgage is what it is. For simplicity sake, my monthly mortgage payment is around $1250. The $750 unaccounted for is “extra” principle that I pay on a weekly basis.

Auto insurance, well, what can you do? I suppose I could spread it out and pay it monthly but, if I have the money available, I prefer to pay the full 6-month premium right out of the gate.

The $846.16 payment to Capital One was a payment that I made from my account to pay off my wife’s credit card. Her finances aren’t detailed here on PIAC so this is one of those few crossover moments where our money is “pooled”. The reasoning here is that last month’s tax refund went directly into my checking account so I used part of it to pay her credit card balance.

The used vacuum cleaner — well, that expense got it’s own post the minute I made the purchase. And it was worth every penny.

Ahhhh, poor Toyota. They’re getting dragged through the mud these days but we’re perfectly happy owners of two Toyotas. My Scion and my wife’s Toyota both went in for service this month and I picked up the tab for both — again, using the tax refund money.

Boy Scouts of America? Huh? Well, it was a charitable donation but there’s also a dark side to it. I got a hockey jersey in return so the streak is over…

Commissioner of Revenue Services — plain and simple, it sucks being a small business in the State of Connecticut. This is the Business Entity Tax that I get hit with each year. There’s always talk of it disappearing but it never seems to happen.

The weather has begun to turn so the natural gas bill has begun to fall.

Holy cash, Batman?! Yeah, I don’t know what happened. To my credit, I’ve still got $60 in my wallet so I didn’t actually spend all of this.

Electricity, Cable/Internet, Business Expenses, and Gas are what they usually are. The phone bill, however, will be different in the months to come. We switched to MagicJack in March so the phone company is a thing of the past. I’ll post more about that later.

The last entry was from a trip we made to Amato’s Toy Store. It’s an old fashioned toy store (no Barbie’s, Bratz, or video games) and I bought Duncan his first Lego set, his first Playmobil set, and a cool wooden puzzle. Again, totally worth it.

So, yeah, all together I spent a ton of money but nothing seems overly extravagant — besides, maybe, the vacuum.

But give me a little credit… I bought it used!


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