Spending Report for September 2010

Spending Report for September 2010

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Is that a vacuum cleaner on his shirt?Is it just me or did the month of September go by really quickly?

I can’t believe that it’s October already…

  • $6000.00 : Contractor
  • $498.72 : Mortgage
  • $250.00 : Allstate Insurance
  • $168.95 : PODs
  • $140.00 : Cash
  • $130.36: Toys R Us
  • $116.15 : Cable/Internet
  • $111.20 : Electricity
  • $109.75 : Gas
  • $99.01 : Business Expenses
  • $26.85 : Boston Bruins
  • $22.99 : eBay
  • $21.20 : Cell Phone

Total comes to $7,695.18.

It’s times like this that I wish we weren’t having all of the work done on the house. I mean, subtract $6k from that number and, well, I’m not really spending that much these days…

So, here are the expenses that I feel the need to comment on…

The Allstate payment is a lot higher than it was supposed to be. See — back in August, I signed up with their auto-pay feature for this billing cycle. They’d automatically take out a certain amount each month and I’d never have to worry about paying the bill again.

Sounded pretty appealing since I couldn’t afford to pay the entire premium up-front this time.

Well, my first auto-payment fell on Labor Day — September 6th. When payments fall on holidays, they process the payment on the previous billing day which, this year, would have been September 3rd.

Now, apparently it takes them 20 days, which is utterly ridiculous these days, to “turn-on” the autopayment for any given account. Based on when I signed up for the auto-payment plan on August 16, that was in time for my first payment. Because of the holiday, though, the payment ended up needing to arrive inside the 20-day window.

Long story short, the payment was never made (though I had confirmation that it would be made) and my auto insurance lapsed. Not needing to be dropped by Allstate for no good reason (again), I frantically submitted a $250 payment and a nasty note to their customer service department (who explained the whole 20-day window/holiday scenario to me a few days later…)

The PODs storage container should be gone in the next few weeks. The renovation is all but done so we should be able to start moving stuff back in (or to the dump) before I get dinged with this rental fee again.

The trip to Toys R Us was a spur of the moment thing. Duncan seems to really enjoy toy stores these days and Daddy just happened to notice a “Buy Two, Get One Free” special on Lego sets. Let’s just say that Duncan got a Duplo set and Daddy got two Lego sets for himself.

The Boston Bruins expenditure was for a t-shirt. I don’t even like the Bruins but I wanted the t-shirt.

And that eBay purchase? Well, yeah, it was a hockey jersey. But this time it was for Duncan.


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