October/November Divide

October/November Divide

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Okay, so as I type this, through the window, an orange glow is overpowering the room…even though it’s nearly dusk.

Yep, while those that live far from New England think that this must be the most beautiful time of year, those of us that witness this firsthand year in and year out, well, the message the colours send is quite different.

See, in a matter of days all of those leaves will be on the ground.

And you know what that means, right?

Yep, looming just ahead are an aching back and blisters all over the webbing between my index fingers and thumbs.

Sure — for the last couple of years we’ve had a landscape company come in and take care of the leaves for us but I’m not certain that it’s in the budget this year.

We’ve spent a lot of money this month and we’re not done yet either…

The now-complete renovation was a big chunk, yes, but then I went out and upgraded some camera gear, blew a load on hockey jerseys, and purchased a leather sectional couch with all of the bells and whistles.

And, as I just said one paragraph up, we’re not done either…

Still to buy are a new television and a piece of furniture to put that new television on.

Basically, I’ve got a couple grand more to spend…

In the end, since we’d spent so much so quickly, I figured that I might as well go all-out and get it out of my system so that we can get back on the track we were on before the renovation evaporated our savings.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned that smurfling 2 is on the horizon as well?

It’s gonna be a thrifty winter!


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