Spending Report for November 2010

Spending Report for November 2010

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Well, it wasn’t as opulent as October (when I spent $18k+) but I still ended up spending a lot more than I’d expected to this past month.

Here are the details:

  • $1190.61 : Toyota (auto repairs)
  • $721.00 : Homeowners Insurance
  • $535.39 : Family
  • $498.72 : Mortgage
  • $211.12 : Electricity
  • $143.67 : Water/Sewer
  • $135.64 : Allstate Insurance
  • $116.14 : Cable/Internet
  • $114.44 : Natural Gas
  • $113.60 : Business Expenses
  • $91.70 : Gas
  • $85.00 : Connecticut DMV
  • $69.55 : PODs
  • $55.93 : Finance Charges
  • $23.30 : Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • $7.39 : Home Depot

All together, that adds up to $4113.20.

The car repairs were a budget killer, for sure.

The homeowners insurance premium was something that I’d forgotten about. It hurt the wallet too but I’m still so thankful to have conventional insurance finally. It’s been two years now since that whole problem kept me up at night.

The family expenses, well, there are a number of expenses that I combined into one heading that made up this number (and more to come in December) and, well, I just wish the circumstances that led to them were different.

Mortgage is the same old story — a great deal! Still can’t believe that I get to own this place for less than half of what a rat infested apartment goes for.

All of utilities were all up significantly since it’s gotten quite cold outside.

The POD storage container is finally out of the driveway — so this month’s bill was the final one.

And I have no idea what I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $23. I remember being in the store but can’t remember what I walked out with. The Home Depot charge was for an overpriced light bulb.


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