Networth Update: February 2011 (+$6568)

Networth Update: February 2011 (+$6568)

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Well, well… 2011 is certainly off to a good start from my perspective…

Okay, maybe it’s just my financial perspective, but still…

This was boosted by a $2k transfer I made from savings to prevent BoA from hitting me with another $14 maintenance fee.

And this category was hurt by that same $2k transfer.

Gov’t Bonds:
Almost all of my holdings are still earning over 2% and I really want to put this balance over $10k but anything I buy now will earn practically nothing…

Yeah! More money I have no access too!

Seems the value has been pretty steady for years now. I’d say that’s about what I expected when I bought the place.

Auto 1 & Auto 2:
Apparently 13 year old convertibles go up in value in Feburary. Who’d have thought?

Credit Card:
That’s what I’m talking about… The plan is in action now and the balances are in free fall. Maybe that’s overstating it a bit but this is nearly a 10% drop from last month’s total.

Auto Loans and Other Loans:
Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Same thing I’ve been saying for months… Just another minimum payment. Since the re-fi, I’ve totally flip-flopped and hopped on that bandwagon of folks that say that overpaying the mortgage is stupid. I totally agree with them — but only if your monthly payment is insanely low…


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