Spending Report for January 2011

Spending Report for January 2011

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I’d bet that you’d thought I’d forgotton to list out my expenses for January. Actually, you could probably care less but I didn’t forget…

Okay, maybe I did, but better late than never…

Here’s what I threw money out the window on in January:

  • $515.00 : Hockey Jerseys
  • $498.72 : Mortgage
  • $315.00 : Drum Corps International tickets
  • $280.04 : Natural Gas
  • $233.25 : Electricity
  • $200.00 : Cash
  • $149.43 : Business Expenses
  • $135.64 : Allstate Insurance
  • $124.50 : Gas
  • $123.96 : Cable/Internet
  • $39.04 : Finance Charges
  • $14.00 : Bank of America Maintenance Fee
  • $12.71 : Toys-R-Us
  • $6.78 : Stop & Shop

All together that adds up to $2648.07.

And now I plead my case…

The hockey jersey thing is inexcusable. I know better and I’m getting better.

In a nut shell, I’m trying to limit myself to a budget of $250 of disposable income per month — if I want to buy something frivolous for $500, I can, I’ll just have to wait two months to feel comfortable doing it.

So far, that strategy has been relatively successful as these were my first purchases since October.

The mortgage is such a bargain. It makes me smile every time I see how small the payment is.

The Drum Corps tickets are part of our planned summer vacation. Kinda made sense to start paying for it months in advance. We got crappy seats even purchasing this early but it was sorta on purpose as we’ll have two young ones in tow and kinda want to sit on the fringe for that reason.

The utility bills are way up. We had over four feet of snow in January — not that that means anything but it does indicate that it was pretty cold outside which always leads to higher utility bills.

I’m still fuming over the Bank of America Maintenance Fee.

I had to buy Duncan a train at Toys-R-Us. We picked Toby (in the picture above). Okay, fine, I didn’t “have” to buy him. I wanted to.

And while I pretty much never buy the groceries, my pregnant wife had a craving for ice cream sandwiches so I made a quick trip to Stop & Shop.