Networth Update: April 2011 (+$3059)

Networth Update: April 2011 (+$3059)

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I guess this is why they say that wealth is really more of a feeling than just a magic number.

I mean, just this year, my net worth has grown every month but I’ll be the first to tell you that I’ve been spending more than I have…

I don’t feel like I’m on the up-and-up.

Maybe this is a good thing?

I’m doing my best to keep this above the BoA fee threshhold at the expense of my savings account.

As I said, contributions here have been cut back. Part of it is that I’m paying down debt more aggressively (though you’d hardly know it) and part of it is because the interest rate is so terrible.

Gov’t Bonds:
These have turned out to be a pretty decent investment. Okay — that’s an overstatement but I’ll take the free $10.

This is the big mover and shaker each month and pretty much determines whether I have an up month or a down month. Unfortunately, though, I have no access to this money so that’s probably why it feels like I’m sinking when I’m actually not. On paper, anyway…

Slowing making a come back. I’m not selling anytime in the forseeable future though so it doesn’t really matter.

Auto 1, Auto 2, and Auto 3:
What a load of crap this is, huh? Every few months these numbers make so little sense.

Credit Card:
This makes me sad. It’s so uncomforting to know that after over a year of carrying no balance and having like $20k in the bank that I’ve flipped upside down. I know I can dig out of this — it’s just not something I’m looking forward to. Again.

Auto Loans and Other Loans:
Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Same thing I’ve been saying for months… Just another minimum payment. Since the re-fi, I’ve totally flip-flopped and hopped on that bandwagon of folks that say that overpaying the mortgage is stupid. I totally agree with them — but only if your monthly payment is insanely low…


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