Spending Report for April 2011

Spending Report for April 2011

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Finally getting caught up with these Spending Reports

They’re invaluable because they keep me honest — and I kept the past two months offline because, well, I knew the report wasn’t anything to be proud of.

So I’m just going to come out and say it — April will be my last month of total financial stupidity in 2011. I’m done.

Here are the numbers:

  • $1937.90 : Hockey Jerseys
  • $498.72 : Mortgage
  • $271.65 : Gas
  • $239.45 : Allstate Insurance
  • $169.01 : Natural Gas
  • $163.77 : Electricity
  • $126.79 : Cable/Internet
  • $79.45 : Business Expenses
  • $77.27 : Babies-R-Us
  • $44.50 : Toys-R-Us
  • $40.00 : Cash
  • $10.00 : Car Wash
  • $3.00 : Bank of America Check Image Service Fee

Together that’s $3661.51.

Better than March.

Far better than February.

And still completely inexcusable…

I can’t justify the hockey jerseys. They’re a want, not a need. I wanted them and I bought them.


Take them out of the equation and I only spent $1723.

That’s a number I’d be proud of.

The rest is what it is… My auto insurance has climbed with the third vehicle on my policy and I’m obivously spending a lot more on gasoline drving the Land Rover instead of the Scion.

Granted, the gas expenditures in April were extraordinarily high and far from the norm — I can’t deny that the latest car is costing a lot more to operate than I’d expected. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been getting 40 miles per gallon for years and years and years…


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