Networth Update: July 2011 (-$370)

Networth Update: July 2011 (-$370)

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Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later — a negative month that is…

It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, though… I mean, I’ve been prediciting this “report” would come for months — just take a look at the last four or five net worth updates

Yes, I know. I spend too much.

I had to dip into this a bit this month to cover the repair costs for that little accident I was in. Thank god I had the money available!

Gov’t Bonds:
Still sticking with these. You know, some of them are earning over 6% right now? Wish I’d bought more back then…

Stange month on the markets. It was high at the start of the month, dipped around $6k in the middle, and almost recovered fully by month’s end.

Not sure what brought the Zillow number (part of my home value calculation) up so much this month but I’ll take it. Hey — I have the highest valued house on my street right now! How about that?

Auto 1, Auto 2, and Auto 3:
Nothing terribly earth shattering here.

Credit Cards:
Sigh… Knocked another $500 off but I was hoping to knock at least $1k per month. The money just wasn’t there.

The good news is that most of it is still at 0% and the balance is falling. I’ve got to pick up the pace here, or formulate a span, or something, though…

Seriously, what happened to my financial goal for 2011?

Auto Loans and Other Loans:
Nothing to report! Woo-hoo!

It’s now officially been a year since we refinanced the mortgage and since then, I haven’t sent the bank a single penny extra.

After 8 years of over-paying, sometimes even double the amount, it feels weird. Progress is definitely slow and I thought it’d have a larger effect on our overall finances than it has.

That said, it’s *very* comforting to have a sub-$500 mortgage payment for (insert tongue-in-cheek) the previously mentioned highest value home on the street…


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