Networth Update: August 2011 (+$17069)

Networth Update: August 2011 (+$17069)

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August 2011 Net WorthI know I sound like a broken record sometimes.

And I know it makes little sense to complain about the dismal status of my finances when posting about a $17k gain but… bear with me.

I beleive this is the highest that my net worth has ever been. I should be happy and, in a barely noticable sort of way, I guess I am.

But the credit card balance — and my total inability to pay it down as fast as I’d like (the way I have in the past) — is really wearing on me.

So here we go…

July was a three paycheck month for me and this is where that shows.

This looks too good to be true, right? Well, it sorta is. I took in a $5000 windfall.

That sounds awesome, right?

But then you notice that this balance increased less than half that amount.

See what I mean? I’m in a tailspin lately…

Gov’t Bonds:
Same old story here — except since the first of the month, I’ve been forced to sell off a pretty heft chunk. You’ll have to wait for the explanation on that…

Seriously? What’s up with this? I have no idea but it certainly makes the month look a lot better (on paper) than it actually was.

Auto 1, Auto 2, and Auto 3:
Nothing terribly earth shattering here.

Credit Cards:
I just can’t get this number to budge. Even worse, the biggest balance I have is no longer 0%. Ugh.

And to think, I thought I could be debt free again by the end of October

Auto Loans and Other Loans:
Nothing to report! Thank heavens!

Oh how I miss the days when I was overpaying this to the tune of $1000 with ease…


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