Duncan’s Guitar and a Debt Update

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    Duncan's GuitarI can’t tell you how awesome it is that Duncan can now draw something totally recognizable.

    Sure, it might look a little like a leg of lamb or one of those giant turkey legs you see at Disney World but he called it a guitar and my wife labelled it as such.

    As proud as I am, though, and as truly excited I am to soon see those horrific family drawings in the near future (you know, where everyone has a huge head, crazy hair, and no legs), in an odd sort of way, I kinda wish he’d drawn an instrument, you know, that all the cool people in high school play(ed).

    Like a tuba or something.

    Maybe next time…

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    In other news, my total credit card debt balance is down to $7045.14.

    Not too shabby — that’s $1350 lower than it was at the start of the month.


    Oh, and yes, I played the tuba.

    And I was tres cool.

    I’m just sayin’… the tuba is really cool.


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