Networth Update: May 2012 (+4621)

Networth Update: May 2012 (+4621)

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May 2012 Net WorthThe big news this month isn’t so much that my net worth has reached a new high but that I’ve rid myself of credit card debt again.

It doesn’t feel as great the second time around but it’s still a nice load off of my shoulders…

Anyway, here’s the breakdown:

This is a little low because, well, I extended myself a bit to get rid of the balances on the credit cards sooner rather than later.

With the weekly credit card payments a thing of the past, the pace here should increase to the tune of around $1200 per month…

Gov’t Bonds:
Hey, the rates are quite attractive when compared to a savings account…

Some months up, some months down.

Auto 1, Auto 2, and Auto 3:
They all dropped. Makes sense — they aren’t getting newer!

Credit Cards:

Auto Loans and Other Loans:
Nothing to report.

Just another minimum payment.

On second thought, you know, it does feel pretty darn great to have pretty much nothing to say about the liabilities.

Here’s to hoping I can continue on this path for the rest of the year…


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